Custom Forgings

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Forgings Offer Durability
The greatest qualities of stainless steel are its strength and long life through resistance to wear and corrosion. It is for these reasons that stainless steel is the choice material for many applications.
Forgings Offer Versatility
Forgings are important in meeting the various military and industry specifications and they may also provide a maximum cost saving alternative to other material sources.
ACCRO-MET offers quality material, adherance to close designated tolerances, unique adaptability to size and shape and total service in virtually all grades of steel, alloy, copper, aluminum and stainless.
Contact ACCRO-MET for stamped, forged, rolled, machined or rough flanges in
* Carbon Steel * Stainless * Monel * Nickel * Titanium *
* Brass * Inconel * Hi-Temp Alloys *Bronze *

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