High Temp Super Alloy

A-286 Age Hard AMS-5737, ASTM-A-638, Grade 660
(1650°)-Sol. Treated Type 1, STM-A-453, Grade 660 CL.A
A-286 Age Hard AMS-5732 (Supersedes 5735)
(1800°)-Sol. Treated ASTM-A-453 Grade 660 CL.B,
ASTM-A-638 Grade 660 Type w
A286 Sol. Treated AMS-5731 (Supersedes 5736)
A28615% Cold Red. SPS-M-118 Capable of AMS-5853
A-286 (Cap. 210 KSI) SPS-M-250, AMS 5726 CHEMS ONLY
NICKEL "200" ASTM-B-160, ASME-B-160
NICKEL "400" AMS-4675 Chems Only, QQN-281 CL A, ASTM-B-164-81 T
NICKEL "405" AMS-4674, QQN-281 CL B, ASTM-B-164, ASME-B-164 CL.B, UNS-N-04405
NICKEL "K-500" QQN-286-E (Form 2 SOL ANN & AGED)
NICKEL "600" AMS-5665, ASTM-B-166, MIL-N-6710
NICKEL "625" AMS-5666, ASTM-B-446 Grade 1
718 Vac. Melt AMS-5662, B50-TFl5A-S, Capable of C50-TF-13, B50-T-69A, SPS-M-275, ASTM-B-637
718 Cold Red Vac. Melt.
(Cap. 220 KSI)
Chem AMS-5662, Capable of C50-TFl3
X-750 AMS-5667, 850YP448-1-Rev. 5
L-605 Vac. Melt AMS-5759, 850T26-S7
Maraging "300" AMS-6514, MBO-160-006, HMS6-1404 Type 2, LBO-160-164, MIL-S-46850 Type 4 Exc. Para. 3.5.3.
2Waspaloy AMS-5708
2Waspaloy AMS-5708 Chems Only, SPS-M 175
Except Hardness
4MP 35N AMS-5844, SPS M-646
4MP 159 AMS-5842
Hastelloy AMS-5754
Hastelloy AMS-5750, ASME-SB-574, ASTM-B-574
sINVAR 36 "FM" Chems. Meet MIL-S-16598
3 sKovar ASTM-F-15, AMS-7727, MIL-I-23011 CL1
s4750 AMS-7718 Exc. Hardness, Capable of MIL-N-14411 Comp. 3, ABO-170 014

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